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These are the dirty ditches (version 2) for the LA River Project.

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Lot Type: 1x1 (or 1x2) Plopable (LA River Project - Ditches)


1x1 1x2
Jobs n/a n/a
Plop Cost 5 10
Bulldoze Cost 2 5
Pollution ----- -----
    Air 0 0
    Water 0 0
    Garbage 0 0
Flammability 5 8
Max Fire Stage 1 1
Power Used 0 0
Water Used 0 0
Yimby Effects none none
Nimby Effects none none
Monthly Cost 0 0

Lot List:
1x1 - Straight.
1x1 - Straight end.
1x1 - Foot Bridge.
1x1 - Corner.
1x1 - Corner Left End.
1x1 - Corner Right End.
1x1 - Cross.
1x1 - Cross 1 End.
1x1 - Cross 2 End Parallel.
1x1 - Cross 2 Ends Perpendicular.
1x1 - Cross 3 Ends.
1x1 - Tee.
1x1 - Tee 1 End Center.
1x1 - Tee 1 End Left.
1x1 - Tee 1 End Right.
1x1 - Tee 2 Ends Parallel.
1x1 - Tee 2 Ends Perpendicular Left.
1x1 - Tee 2 Ends Perpendicular Right.
1x2 - Sewer Entrance.
1x2 - Sewer Entrance End.
1x2 - River Outlet.
1x2 - River Outlet End.

1x2 - MML (Menu Management Lot) included.

File List:

LAR_Essentials.dat (Required for all versions)
LAR_DWD_Resource.dat (Required for this version)
LAR_InvisibleProps1.dat (Optional - Removing will cause junk and plants to show more often.)*
LAR_InvisibleProps2.dat (Optional - Removing will cause junk and plants to show more often.)*
LAR_LandJunkProps.dat (Optional - Removing will cause land junk to not show.)
LAR_MixJunkProps.dat (Optional - Removing will cause mix (land or water) junk to not show.)
LAR_PlantProps.dat (Optional - Removing will cause the plants to not show.)
LAR_WaterJunkProps.dat (Optional - Removing will cause the water junk to not show.)

More junk, plant, graffiti, and invisible, prop files may be added with future updates.

* Removing both will cause junk and plants to show 100% of the time (These may be divided into separate files in a future update).

Warning: Removing ALL optional files may cause brown boxes to appear.

Directions: The self installer will place it in the correct folder. You can, however, override this if you wish.

NOTE: Please remove all Version 1 River and Ditch lots before installing Version 2 (A Cleanitol file is included).




I'd like to thank every one that gave suggestions in my threads "Becca up to BAT" , LA River Project , and on Simtropolis.

I'd also like to thank Pegasus for letting me upload on SimPeg, where I also have the thread "Becca at BAT".

You can also find me on SC4D at "Becca at BAT".

Special Thanks to maetoch and toxicpiano for helping with textures, also to all the others who helped out.


2/14/2008 - Version 2 uploaded.

Planned Updates: Dry and clean versions.