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This is my First Fenced Lots Set, using the fence props I uploaded earlier.

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Lot Type: 1x1 Plopable

Title 1x1
Jobs n/a
Budget Cost 0
Plop Cost 100
Bulldoze Cost 50
Pollution -----
    Air 0
    Water 0
    Garbage 0
Flammability 10
Max Fire Stage 1
Power Used 0
Water Used 0
Yimby Effects none
Nimby Effects none
Monthly Cost 0

Lot List:

3 Meter Chain Link Fences

3 Meter Aluminum Lighted Fences

File List:





NOTE: These lots are not slope tolerant (I will, however, be doing some that are, later).


Directions: The self installer will place it in the correct folder. You can, however, override this if you wish.

File Locations:

All files located in the "MyDocs\SimCity 4\Plugins\RLM Productions\RLM Fenced Lots" sub folder


RLM Fence Props Revised


I'd like to thank every one that gave suggestions in my thread "Becca up to BAT" on Simtropolis.

I'd also like to thank Pegasus for letting me upload on SimPeg, where I also have the thread "Becca at BAT".

You can also find me on SC4D at "Becca at BAT".


2/28/08 - Fixed MML Menu Icons

2/29/08 - Added TE'd Gate Lots. Fixed Street texture.

Planned Updates: Brick Wall Fenced lots, 5 meter tall Chain Link Fenced lots. and Transparent texture versions.